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Project List

College Project
1 Real estate management system
2 Inventory management system
3 Hospital management system
4 Retail management system
5 Online education system
6 Voip based predictive dialer
7 Light & sound control system
8 College management system
9 Catering management system
10 Social networking site
11 Hotel management system
12 Tour & travel software mca project topic list
13 Hr payroll management system
14 Time table management system
15 Attendance management system
16 Restaurant billing system
17 Shopping mall billing system
18 E-shop portal
19 Student database management system
20 Online job portali
21 Library management system
22 Fee management system
23 Car parking management system
24 Matrimonial web portal
25 Export/import erp solution
26 Income tax software
27 Customer enquiry management system
28 Chat application like orkut
29 Content management system
30 Website on crime reporting(cr)(management regarding crime)
31 Ip tracer
32 Java mail system
33 I.t resorcez (a human resource management system)
35 Spam filter(efficient spam email filtering using adaptive ontology)
36 Stock broker website
37 Stock exchange market
38 trading management system)
39 Design and development of insurance agent
40 Online web mart system for jewellery shop
41 Bsnl search service system for customers and biller management for service engineering
42 Accounts information system
43 Online matrimonial system
44 Online human resource management system(hrms)
45 Online bookshop management system
46 Customer service portal for tourism and travels management
47 Mails management using smtp mail server system
48 Crime investigation system
49 Travel agency
50 Organization maintenance & resource planning
51 Cyber eye system
52 E-police crime investigation system
53 Jeweler management system
54 Online mobile shopping
55 Call center management
56 Office administration
57 Online flight reservation
58 Help desk-school system
59 Help desk-college system
60 Help desk-organization
61 Factory management system
62 Restaurant management
63 Hospital management system
64 Hotel management system
65 Finance management system
66 Development of a feature-rich, training portal application
67 Development of a feature-rich, resume builder application
68 Development of a web-based recruitment process system for the hr group for a company
69 Development of a feature-rich, practical online on-request courses coordination system
70 Development of a feature-rich,practical online online survey tool (ost)
71 Development of a repository and search engine alumni of college(rase)
72 Development of web based document version controller
73 Multilevel marketing measurement system
74 Design and development of equity trading portfolio manager
75 Development of a campaign information system
76 Development of a practical online help desk (ohd) for the facilities in the campus.
77 E-banking transaction system with portal for bank officials and customers.
78 Online healthcare system
79 Online discuss forum
80 On line blood donation system
81 Maintaining software development application
82 Lan messenger
83 Online quiz
84 Security based electronic voting
85 Real syndicate feeding and analysis of data
86 Customer relationship management
87 E-jobs
88 Mobile based system admin
89 Intranet multi client chatting
90 Credit card fraud detection
91 Task scheduler
92 Private detective agency
93 Xml schema transfer
94 Internet banking system
95 Banking system
96 Online share broking system
97 Online video streaming
98 Bulk sms sending-using blue tooth
99 Online quiz
100 Security based electronic voting
101 Real syndicate feeding and analysis of data
102 Customer relationship management
103 Bug tracking system
104 Development of web based meeting scheduler
105 Implementation of a sample device mediation application of a network management system
106 Online health information system
107 E-compiler
108 Multi- banking system
109 Online library management system
110 Project status information system
111 Online order processing system with ajax enabled
112 Online project manager
113 Teledormitary
114 Travel management system
115 Travel permit indulgence scheme
116 Upholding of coporate sector
117 Cross channel operations
118 Global communication media
119 Online project tenders
120 Web enabled automation system
121 Insurance on internet
122 Lending tree
123 Secured netauction
124 Repository and search engine
125 University admission system
126 Value added tax design system
127 Universal database integration system
128 Enterprise resource management system
129 Content management system
130 Addition modification and replacement scheme system
131 Blazon agency
132 Bug tracking system
133 Citizen card system
134 Cofined web spider
135 Control system for system maintenance
136 Voice caf‚
137 Datamart management software
138 Digital tunes
139 E-business solutions
140 Ballot crusader
141 Cash assistance to infirm and aged persons
142 Collector monthly review system
143 Contelligent
144 Contract labour management system
145 Corporate recruitment system
146 Defect tracking system
147 Doctor online
148 Ema network online
149 Enterprise collaberation tool
150 College information system
151 Event tracking system
152 Ezest
153 Faq o matic system
154 Forensic manager
155 Employee performance and recognition portal
156 Manage prison
157 Andhra pradesh state finance corporation (apsfc)
158 Loan amortizer
159 Matrimonial .com
160 Meditracker
161 Military equipment rental system
162 Mobile service management system
163 Netpod
164 Inventory management system
165 Online clinics
166 Parcel2go
167 Payroll
168 Products and services management system
169 Peripheral trouble shooting management system
170 Pharmacy management system
171 Professional purchasing
172 Software project management system
173 Project status information system
174 Resource outsourcing
175 Sql workbench
176 Stock analyzer
177 Smart card health security system
178 Schedule and dispatching system
179 Resource pool
180 Resource planner
181 Telecommunication system
182 Tgmc next year
183 Training and placement cell
184 Gateway of business portfolio
185 District collectorate management system
186 Virtual classroom
187 Common employment system
188 Vehicle identification
189 Computer retail store and maintenance system
190 Online railway ticketing system
191 Workforce management
192 Knowledge storm
193 Corporate bpo solution management
194 E-corporate project planning
195 Victim notification integration system
196 Online project management system
197 Online recruitment system
198 Visa processing system
199 Mobile healthcare system
200 Secure java mail system
201 R-max fuji distribution
202 Digital library system
203 Safe and secure internet banking
204 Online project planning system
205 E-transaction interface
206 Bookshop management system
207 Sports events management platform for colleges
208 E authentication system using qr code & otp
209 Cooking recipe rating based on sentiment analysis
210 Detecting phishing websites using machine learning
211 Website evaluation using opinion mining
212 Social media community using optimized clustering algorithm
213 Preventing phishing attack on voting system using visual cryptography
214 Card payment security using rsa
215 Search engine using web annotation
216 Secure file storage on cloud using hybrid cryptography
217 Atm detail security using image steganography
218 Image character recognition using signal & pattern analysis
219 Image steganography using kmeans & encryption
220 Implementing triple des with otp
221 Online user behavior analysis on graphical model
222 Student grade prediction using c4.5 decision tree
223 Graphical password to avoid shoulder surfing
224 Smart health prediction using data mining
225 Erp system for institutes
226 Stream analysis for career choice aptitude tests
227 Product review analysis for genuine rating
228 Periodic census with graphical representation
229 Android smart city traveler
230 Android campus portal with graphical reporting
231 Content summary generation using nlp
232 Engineering college automation and scheduling system
233 Efficient doctor patient portal
234 Bus pass with barcode card scan
235 Bus pass with webcam scan
236 Online printed t-shirt designing
237 Online visiting card creation project
238 Online ebook maker project
239 Class management system project
240 Image steganography with 3 way encryption
241 Canteen automation system
242 Fingerprint voting system project
243 Detecting e banking phishing websites using associative classification
244 Sentiment analysis for product rating
245 Fingerprint based atm system
246 E commerce product rating based on customer review mining
247 Employee hourly attendance by barcode scan
248 Weather forecasting using data mining
249 User web access records mining for business intelligence
250 Railway tracking and arrival time prediction
251 Opinion mining for restaurant reviews
252 Website evaluation using opinion mining
253 Opinion mining for comment sentiment analysis
254 Movie success prediction using data mining
255 Monitoring suspicious discussions on online forums using data mining
256 Fake product review monitoring and removal for genuine online product reviews using opinion mining
257 Web data mining to detect online spread of terrorism
258 Opinion mining for social networking site
259 Biomedical data mining for web page relevance checking
260 Data mining for automated personality classification
261 Real estate search based on data mining
262 Automated payroll with gps tracking and image capture
263 Criminal investigation tracker with suspect prediction
264 Distributed dealership network analyzer and sales monitor
265 E healthcare ? online consultation and medical subscription
266 Automated college timetable generator
267 Intelligent pc location tracking system
268 Secure remote communication using des algorithm
269 Remote java 2 dotnet communication application
270 Internet based live courier tracking and delivery system
271 Active chat monitoring and suspicious chat detection over internet
272 Credit card fraud detection
273 Remote user recognition and access provision
274 Ai multi agent shopping system
275 Wireless indoor positioning system
276 Tab based library book availability & location finder on wifi
277 Web mining for suspicious keyword prominence
278 Web agent for learning content updating
279 Pc configuration retrieval system on online server
280 Web server log analysis system
281 Customer behaviour prediction using web usage mining
282 Web server to client communication for web usage data analysis
283 Network based stock price system
284 Matrimonial portal project
285 On demand remote pc monitoring system through internet
286 Online ai shopping with m-wallet system
287 Military access using card scanning with otp
288 Secure atm using card scanning plus otp
289 Secure lab access using card scanner plus face recognition
290 Webpage ranking search engine with seo suggester
291 Camera motion sensing project
292 Collective face detection project
293 College automation project
294 Online election system project
295 Automated attendance system
296 Mobile attendance system project
297 Wifi shopping guide project
298 Cursor movement by hand gesture project
299 Mobile quiz through wifi project
300 The cibil system project
301 Android merchant application using qr
302 Advanced mobile store
303 Artificial intelligence dietician
304 Look based media player
305 Banking bot project
306 Bus pass android project
307 Face recognition attendance system
308 Driver card with qr code identification
309 Detecting data leaks
310 Mobile(location based) advertisement system
311 Medical search engine project
312 Automatic answer checker
313 Document checker and corrector project
314 Ai desktop partner