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Bootstrap: Step by step Learning

Bootstrap 2022-05-25
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Categories Web Development

Course Description

Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. It contains CSS and JavaScript based design templates for interface.

Course Sylabus

  1.     Introduction to Html
  2.     introduction to CSS
  3.     Introduction to Bootstrap
  4.     Comparision Bootstrap
  5.     Advantages of Bootstrap
  6.     Bootstrap link
  7.     Bootstrap Panels and Containers
  8.     Working with Images
  9.     Working with Labels
  10.     Workding with Grids
  11.     Working with Buttons
  12.     Working with Panels and Alert Box
  13.     Working with Progress Bar
  14.     Working with Border
  15.     Working with Select and List
  16.     Working with Font
  17.     Working with Font Icons
  18.     Working with Colors
  19.     Working with Tabl controls
  20.     Working Borders
  21.     Working with Collaps
  22.     Wroking with Texbox
  23.     Wroking with password field
  24.     Wroking with Address box
  25.     Wroking with radio buttons
  26.     Wroking with check box
  27.     Wroking with Vertically Form
  28.     Wroking with Horizontal form
  29.     Wroking with Single Panel form
  30.     Wroking with Multi Panel form


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